“Bullet Face” | Victoria Maurette
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Victoria Maurette plays Dara, a DEA agent that, protecting her brother, ends up in a nightmare prison in Tijuana.

Meanwhile, Dara’s brother is assassinated by the head of a drug mob, that has created a new drug made of human spinal fluid.  These drug addicts end up turning into something that is not human, and hundreds of dead bodies start turning up on the border. An FBI agent bribes the prison warden so that Dara can get out of prison and avenge her brother, and with this terminate the head of the mob.

When Victoria is asked what this movie taught her on a personal level, she said: “It taught me not to close doors ever because you never know where something can lead you to. I never thought I would end up in Hollywood and as a lead in a film. Imagine this, we finished shooting Left for Dead in Argentina and right after we finish the shoot Albert starts telling me that he has a new project in Hollywood and he wanted me to be in it! I really didn’t understand anything at the moment, I was euphoric and I almost didn’t believe him. After it all just started happening and here we are, premiering it and I’m here talking to you about the film. Incredible how life changes from one day to the other.”


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