About me | Victoria Maurette
She begins her first steps with Disney when Peter Macfarlane chooses her to play Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” in the musical “Magical Moments Of Disney”. In her spare time, she would perform at different venues with an amateur group of singers. This is when the producers of CMG (Cris Morena Group) discover her, looking for new talents at Niceto Club. After a long preparation she was chosen to take part in the famous TV show “Rebelde Way” where she plays “Vico Paz”, a character that made her recognized worldwide. The next step was taking part of the show’s tours through out Argentina, Latin America and Israel, with various shows that would exceed 10.000 people each.
Along side the shows success, Victoria develops her career as an actress and singer, by recording her first album, in which various recognized musicians played, from Dizzi Espeche (Illya Kuryaki, Fito Páez), Mariano Domínguez (Andrés Calamaro, Juana Molina, Illya Kuryaki), Oaky Castellani (Illya Kuryaki) and Hernán Jacinto (Pedro Aznar, Javier Malosetti) with the production of Tatu Estela (Jorge Drexler, Lisandro Aristimuño).
As an actress, she then participated in the comedy show “No Hay 2 Sin 3”, with comedians Pablo Granados, Pachu Peña and Freddy Villareal (winning the Martin Fierro for “Best Comedy Show”); here she explores herhumorous side.

During this time she gets the opportunity to debut as an actress on her first feature and that is when she discovers her passion for genre films, turning into a real specialist on this kind of proposals through out the years.
Her first shot in the genre was with recognized director Albert Pyun (Cyborg) in the spaghetti western "Left For Dead", filmed entirely in English and designed for the American market. For her performance she wins the award for Best Actress at the BARS (Blood Red Buenos Aires) festival.

Her outstanding performance makes the director automatically propose Victoria to star in his next film "Bullet Face" which was filmed in Los Angeles co starring Steven Bauer (Scarface, Traffic). Other genre films she performs in include "Behind The Trees," directed by Juan Luis Poclava, "Dying God" Fabrice Lambot, which co-starred Lance Hendrickson (Alien, Millennium), "Los Angeles" directed by Juan Baldana, comedy "Kung Fu Joe" directed by Glen Barry, “Tales Of An Ancient Empire again with Albert Pyun and "The Theatre Bizarre" directed by legendary director Richard Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil).